Product Development

We offer the opportunity for you to expand upon our current product concepts and customize the ingredients to match your brand. This option is well-suited for quick turnarounds or smaller quantities. Additionally, we provide personalized development opportunities, allowing you to work closely with our in-house formulation team to design a distinct product that truly reflects your vision.


Great packaging combines visual appeal, clear branding, and eco-friendly materials. It should communicate your product’s benefits, stand out on shelves, and convey a sense of luxury or freshness to captivate consumers. At CST, we are here to help you every step of the way.


Our manufacturing expertise excels through decades of experience, collaborative development processes, and a commitment to delivering timeless products that surpass industry standards.

Supplier Relationships

A good supplier relationship is characterized by open communication, reliability, mutual trust, and a collaborative partnership that contributes to the success of both parties. If this is what you are looking for, reach out to get started – we look forward to speaking with you!

Exceptional Team

Our team demonstrates expertise in production processes, attention to quality, and a commitment to innovation, ensuring the creation of exceptional products. By working with CST, you can rest assured that your goals will be carefully assessed by a crew who cares about bringing your vision to fruition.