Bar Soap Manufacturer

We’re here to help you develop the perfect bar soap solution for your customers. Commonwealth Soap works professionally and strategically to help create the best product that your company can offer to its customers.

Our 10-stage process is a journey we developed to evaluate and meet your goals while ensuring the resulting product meets regulatory requirements.

Consultation and Requirements Gathering

To begin, we initiate a collaborative discussion with you to understand the specific requirements of the product you seek. This includes:

  • The type of soap
  • Desired properties (moisturizing, exfoliating, fragrance, etc.)
  • Target market
  • Any regulatory considerations needed

Ingredient Selection

We work with you and our chemist to select appropriate fats, oils, and additional ingredients based on the desired characteristics of the soap and any other specific preferences for the product.

We always ensure that the chosen ingredients align with regulatory standards and meet any certification requirements.

Formulation Development

Next, we utilize the expertise of our formulation team to develop a customized soap recipe that meets your specifications and needs.

At this stage, we will consider factors such as soap base, fragrance intensity, color, texture, and any special features.

Prototyping and Sampling

We will create small batches of the custom soap for you to evaluate and test. At this stage, we will gather feedback on aspects such as scent, lather, texture, and overall performance.

Iterative Process

Based on your feedback, we will refine the soap formulation through an iterative process until you are satisfied with the prototype.

Adjustments may be made to ingredients, ratios, or processing methods as needed.

Quality Control and Testing

Our goal at this stage is to implement stringent quality control measures to ensure product consistency and adherence to quality standards. We will conduct testing for pH levels, fragrance stability, colorfastness, and other relevant parameters.

Scaling Production

Once you approve the final prototype, we scale up production to meet your desired volume.

This allows us to ensure that the manufacturing process is scalable without compromising product quality.

Packaging and Branding

Our team will collaborate with you on your desired packaging design, labeling, and branding elements. We will ensure that the final product aligns with your branding strategy and meets regulatory labeling requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

We will further ensure that the custom soap formulation complies with relevant regulatory standards and requirements, including ingredient safety and labeling guidelines.

Documentation and Transparency

We will finally provide detailed documentation on the custom soap ingredient listings, manufacturing processes, and any relevant certifications. We will always continue to maintain open communication throughout the entire development process making this as easy as possible.

*Minimum Order: 10,000 bars or bottles per formula

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